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Strategy Execution 

Your business needs to be able to respond to change and to lead transformation so that you can succeed at what you do best. We know that achievement of business goals is brought about by people. It’s people who are key building blocks in any organisation. But do all the building  blocks slot together, and are all your people working on the right thing and in the right way to  deliver great products and services? 

Performance Improvement 

In a world that demands more for less, continuous improvement is critical to drive growth,  competitive advantage and to achieve operational excellence. Organisations recognise that operational improvement needs to be targeted if it’s to deliver measurable results and be sustained and embedded into how things are done. 

LEAN Development 

Attak performance usually begins at the very start of our client’s Lean journey. Typically, we are asked by our clients to help develop and support organisation wide Lean Strategies, using our proven approach of: Understand, Collaborate, Improve and Sustain. At each stage of our approach we use a range of effective blended tools and mechanisms that support the development of Lean Sigma. 

Capability Development 

For most companies developing the capability of your people, such as in Leadership or Performance Improvement skills, is a top priority. In our experience the most effective companies are those that focus on continuously developing the right skills and ensuring that knowledge is transferred across the organisation. They operate an approach to learning that is directly linked to  business targets and objectives. 

Services & Products Features

• Programme Management

• Project Management
• Roadmap Creation
• Operational Validation
• SMART Data Questions
• Rapid Improvement Events
• Cost & Workforce Diagnostics
• Operational Model Creation
• Extensive staff and client engagement
• Facilitated Solutioning
• Champion Development
• Maximising Existing Technology & Systems

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Staff

Voice of the Business

Outcome Benefits

Typical 3:1 ROI
• Strategy stakeholder buy in & clarity
• On time on budget outcomes delivered
• Quantified opportunities
• Quantified risks
• Engaged workforce
• Customer satisfaction
• Reduced costs
• Increased revenue
• Retained contracts
• Improved Value For Money
• Decisions made with data!
• Unique operational delivery models
• Sustainability through Champions


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