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ATTAK Performance was founded by Tony Kirby in 2017 building a capable team with a mission to support organisations with Performance challenges using his 20 years experience in the Operational Excellence arena.


Our proven approach works in any industry or function but our experience includes: Healthcare, Industrial, Transport, Manufacturing, Leisure,

Pharmaceutical, Construction, Local Authority, Hospitality, FM Hard and Soft Services.


Meet the Team 

Tony Kirby 

Managing Director

Operational Change Specialist

Michael Fisher 

Senior Business Improvement Manager

Data Specialist 

Will Thwaites 

Business Improvement Manager

Finance Specialist

Norman Sheilds 


Manufacturing Specialist

Claire Kirby

Operations Director

Staff Engagement Specialist

Attak also work with 10+ approved associates 

Market Coverage 

Our Experience across a diverse range of sectors and UK footprint.

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For more infomation on our services, products, joining the team,  or would like to provide feedback - please use the relevant details below 

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