What Our Clients Say About Us

 HR Director - STAH

"The final Exec report is an impressive summary and highlights the great work you and your team have done for us"

Deputy Nursing Director - STAH

"Working with Attak Performance on The Workforce Planning Project, one of the key highlights for me was the staff engagement. It added real benefit to the project and depth of understanding, a censor check to ensure we made the right decisions. Coupled with detailed analysis of data, allowed us to make evidence based decisions, ultimately working towards improving the Patient Experience and meeting Patient Outcomes"

Chief Finance Officer - STAH

’I am not just very pleased, I am delighted with the progress made through working with Attak Performance’’

Operations Director - Iron Mountain

"The approach and methodology Attak Performance take is like no other we have encountered, the last time we engaged with LEAN it was led by HQ in the USA which nearly broke the UK business, this is a great staff enabler"

Boroughs Area Manager - Ringway Jacobs

"A few months ago we were in turmoil with regards to our internal processes. Since engaging with Attak Performance we have completely streamlined our processes and I have really enjoyed the experience’’

Project Director - Hvivo

‘’The way in which Attak Performance work is amazing! They worked collaboratively with us and the level of detail they go into is outstanding. Its highlighted gaps in our processes and lots of them lightbulb moments when you think why didn’t we pick up on that sooner’’

Chief Operations Officer - Hvivo

’really pleased with the speed of delivery, engaging approach and helping us talk with facts and data enabling improved decision making, including implementation of immediate high impact changes. I would recommend Attak Performance to any organisation looking to drive rapid change’’

Area Manager - Freedom Leisure

’I’ve learnt so much from working with Attak Performance, especially the importance of challenging ourselves on a daily basis and listening to the key operatives at ground level, sometimes what we have always done isn’t the right way forward and its important to give a voice to everyone in the organisation. It’s also nice to be invested in as a member of staff’’

Factory Relay Setter Operative - Mors Smitt

‘’Attak Performance worked with all the employees, they’ve listened, taken our input and not just taken over. They helped implement so many  effective changes’’

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